City Voice Feb 4, 1999 - "Joint from the Meat Market"
The alternative Circus is coming to town! Hosted by Universal Joint, a multi-instrumentalist duo, the night will be packed with mayhem. The Event consists of musical performances by bands, solo artists acts, visual art, and other strange concoctions. Universal Joint has risen from the ashes of the well-known noise-machinist outfit Meat Market. Meat Market toured NZ three times in their 5 year career and appeared on two US compilations. Universal Joint continue in a similar vein. They employ a variety of stringed, percussive and wind instruments to create rhythmic, atmospheric pieces. they seek to explore music as a medium for expressive communication. Their brand of noisy, dreamy pop has been escribed as "aural Valium". They will be joined by a host of other musical performances including the Flamin' Werepigs, an accelerando blues group, and the Ogden Steers with their rock and bizarre country twangs. Visual artists are contributing to the extravaganza of strange art with installations and wandering entertainment takes the form of jugglers, fire twirlers and dancers. This is a great opportunity to see NZ's finest underground talent in full action. We are advised to bring our circus tricks.


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