Universal Joint are a new music-making duo rising from the ashes of well known North Island noise-machinists, Meat Market.

Meat Market have played over 60 gigs all over New Zealand in the past 5 years, including three national tours, and various gigs around the North Island with estalished artist, Peter Jefferies. They have released a substantial amount of material : a 7" EP, a 12" album, and have appeared on a myriad of compilations, including two United States CD compilations. Meat Market are currently compiling a double retrospective CD of previously unreleased material.

Universal Joint consists of multi-instrumentalists:

Elise and Sarah seek to explore the potential of music as a medium for expressive communication. They have formed an ethereal musical relationship which is reflected in their ability to improvise freely upon their compositions, depending on the context of each individual performance. They employ a variety of stringed, percusiion and wind instruments to create rhythmic, atmospheric noise.

While Universal Joint cover ground not entirely dissimilar to that explored by Meat Market, the result is somewhat gentler, and has been described as "aural Valium".